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Our snowboard camp is dedicated to mentorship, using the sport of snowboarding to empower girls to discover their potential amidst the beauty of our mountainous surroundings. Through engaging activities, exciting games, and skill-building drills incorporated into our curriculum, girls embark on a journey to boost their self-confidence, forge strong bonds, and nurture their creative problem-solving abilities.

We have a few new offerings this upcoming winter so please read carefully and pick which is
best for your daughter
4 Day Camp (Ages 7-9)
9-12:30pm - $250

Experience the thrill of our half-day snowboard camp for girls aged 7-9, thoughtfully designed to keep them energized and engaged. If you're new to Duchess Ride, this is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of what we offer. Join us every second Sunday of the month for an adventure on the slopes!


Dec 17

Jan 14

Feb 11

Mar 10th

10 Day Camp (Ages 10-13)
9 -3:15pm - $675

Join us at the very heart of where it all began – our original camp! This 10-Sunday adventure, designed for dedicated girls who are ready for a full day of riding, ensures that older and younger participants enjoy maximum fun separately. Additionally, our Wednesday night sessions provide a unique opportunity to foster personal growth and equip girls with valuable life skills as they navigate the journey of growing up."


Dec 6, 13 

Jan 10, 17, 24

Feb 7, 14, 21

Mar 6, 13


Dec 10, 17, 

Jan 7, 14, 21

Feb 4, 11, 25

Mar 3, 10

5 Day Camp (Ages 14-17)
9am-3:15 - $350

Join our 5-day snowboard camp tailored for busy teens. We gather on the first Sunday of every month for a full day of riding, and on 5 Wednesday nights, we engage in meaningful conversations while delving into personal character development. Our focus is on equipping girls with the essential tools to navigate the challenges of growing up in a safe and judgment-free environment.


Dec 6  

Jan 24

Feb 21

Mar 20

April 10


Dec 10

Jan 7

Feb 4

Mar 3

April 7

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